Monday, April 12, 2010

A Little Overwhelmed

I am so excited to be offered the opportunity to attend the Savvy Blogging Summit. This is to me, a once in a lifetime opportunity. I honestly feel that I am supposed to be there for a reason. What that reason is, I'm not completely sure, but I have a feeling it has to do with some things I've been thinking about regarding my blog and approaching new subjects, etc. At the same time, I have to say that I'm a little intimidated by all the huge bloggers that are going to be attending! I feel like the runt!

I started this blog with the intent on just having one place where I can help my friends learn to be frugal. I didn't intend to be a big name out there or really have any huge goals other than sharing my new found passion for saving money. I honestly don't remember how I came across the blogs I love, such as SouthernSavers, The Thrifty Mama, and Money Saving Mom. It's been a while. I just know that I have been following and participating for about a year!

Lately, something has switched in my head. I don't know if coming out of the horrible winter we had this year, that was so wet and dreary and depressing, and finally coming into this amazingly beautiful Spring/Summer type weather we've been having was the trigger or not. I just have that desire to get back to taking care of myself and my family like I should, as far as health and nutrition go. Not that I wasn't, but this past winter was tough and I wasn't as diligent. The point of me saying that is I'm having an old passion that has been refreshed and is bursting to get out. Maybe that is the reason I have been chosen. It is the opportunity to learn things I don't know and help me to get my thoughts and opinions out there to others.

Now, I just pray that God will work out the means for me to go, so that I can continue and put these thoughts into action! Trust is so hard, and stepping out of your comfort zone is even harder! I'm just a little overwhelmed!

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