Monday, April 26, 2010

Potty Training Day 1 & Tips

I am so surprised that things went so well today! Overall, we had 7/10 potty trips successful! This on the first day! I knew that he would get the hang of it once he started, and boy has he! We went out for a while and I put a diaper on him, but he kept that diaper dry for about an hour, maybe a little more, and went right when we got home.

As things progress, I'll be sharing some tips with you regarding what I have learned (over the span of 6 months of trying). Hopefully, these tips will help someone out there who is beginning or frustrated with potty training!

1. Timing: Not every child is ready to train at the same age. Every child is unique and has unique desires, feelings, motivations, etc. What my child does may be completely different than what your child does. If you try and your child has no desire, back off and try again in a few weeks. You have to catch it at the right time.

2. Interest: If your child is watching you, pulling off their diaper when they're wet or dirty, or wanting to not wear any diaper/Pull Up, then the likelihood that they are close to being ready is pretty good. Catch it when the interest is there!

3. Patience and Commitment: This is so important! You have to realize that this is not going to be an instant and complete result. They may get the hang of one before the other and of course may wet during bed or nap time. Also, if you start getting frustrated, it is going to make your child frustrated and uncomfortable, making the whole experience more tense than it needs to be. Be patient, they are learning! You also have to realize that you will be asking every 15, 30, 45 minutes for your child to sit on the potty. Make sure you plan accordingly, so you can stick with it!

4. Preparation: Buy a potty seat (or two - we have one in each bathroom so he can go to whichever is closest, without running to the other side of the house), flushable wipes (if you can use them), some fun underwear (mine doesn't like the thicker training ones, he just wants the thin big boy ones, so this may vary as well), and some form of reward (skittles, m&ms, stickers - they need some enticement!).

To be continued...more tips to come!


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  2. My little one just turned 2 & I remember trying to potty train his older step siblings...Ahhhh!! I have to admit I'm partially trying to prolong it myself to save me some insanity. But I'll get around to it, I think he might actually be trying to tell me he's ready!

  3. we used M&M's for potty training and it worked like a charm. Mini's for #1, Reg. size for #2! Whatever works, right?