Monday, April 26, 2010

Potty Training

We have reached that fantastic time in childhood when you have to learn to come out of the diapers and pullups! It's not completely that I don't want to buy them anymore, because we all know we can get great deals on diapers, it is more for the sake of keeping my house sanitary! You don't realize how 'fun' (I say that with loads of sarcasm!) it is until you get to it yourself. Seeing other people do it is totally different than dealing with it yourself. This is yet another milestone that there is no parent manual for!

My two year old has been hit and miss with pottying for about 6 months. I tried to start him about a month ago, but he just wouldn't go, he'd do it wherever he was. Since we had that stomach virus a couple of weeks ago, any time he does anything in his diaper, he is stripping down. This is not too bad, unless for obvious reasons it creates a mess! I'm kind of thankful for that virus, because it got him more in tune with his body and now he can pretty much know when he needs to go. He has gone twice mostly on his own sensations this weekend. I know that's not much, but you have to start somewhere!

So, into the underwear we go today and hopefully it won't take too long to get him going for good. Thanks to a great deal at Amazon, I now have 5 lbs of organic lollipops to use as rewards!

This is my biggest goal for the week!


  1. Lollies are exactly what fueled my pottytraining with my two girls. :) (I love lollies)

    And once they were trained, My Hubby & I celebrated by taking part of that month's diaper money and going to the movies instead. (date night supplied by lack of necessity of diapers)

    Coming by from the Friday Follow.
    ~ Tanya @ The Chatty Mom

  2. Great blog! Thanks for the FF! coming back to return the favor... Hope your weekend was fabulous.
    Ria @ Life as a Wife!