Saturday, April 24, 2010

Savings Saturday

(Some frozen things and bread not pictured)

I went to Publix earlier in the week and a quick trip into Winn Dixie. Last night I went into Costco for nothing, but came out with a few things. I really didn't need groceries for myself so much, but the food ministry at our church is in desperate need for items, so I figured with all the great coupons making things pretty cheap, I would take advantage. I donate stuff I buy at CVS/RA/Walgreens too, if I don't need/use it. I haven't gone anywhere else this week, it just didn't happen.

Here's the Publix run down:

Milk - $3.29
Digiorno for One - $2.19 after coupon
Digiorno Flat Bread - $1.99 after coupon
Digiorno Deep Dish - $2.19 after coupon
Danimals x 2 - $1 each after coupon and sale
Stonyfield Yo Baby 6 pk - $1.99 after coupon and sale
Stonyfield Yo Kids 6 pk - $1.99 after coupon and sale
Oikos Yogurt - Free after coupon (received in the mail)
Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta x 2 - 25 cents each after coupon and sale
Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta - 50 cents after coupon and sale
Mueller Pasta x 8 - 42 cents each after coupons and sale
Orville Popcorn x 2 - 19 cents each after store and manufacture coupon and sale
Duncan Hines Muffins x 5 - 69 cents each after coupons and sale
Quaker Oatmeal x 4 - $1.07 each after coupons and sale
Campbell's Select Soups x 8 - $1 each after coupons and sale
Earth's Best Baby Food x 14 - 35 cents each after coupons and sale
Pampers Wipe Refill - $4.99 after coupons
Quilted Northern TP 6 pk - $2.99 after coupon and sale
Bayer Aspirin - 39 cent MM after store and manufacturer coupon

Total Spent: $56.82
Total Saved: $77.94 - 58%

Here's my yogurt lover on his 3rd cup of yogurt the morning after I bought them!


Winn Dixie - Went in for another reason, but couldn't pass up Chocolate Underground for 1/2 off! Yes, we eat a LOT of yogurt!

Stonyfield Yogurt Cups x 8, 40 cents each after B1G1 Sale
Nature's Own Bread, $2.89

Spent $6.70
Saved $3.20 - 32%

Spent $34.56
Saved: Estimated $30, compared by quantity received vs quantity/price at grocery store

Total Weekly Spending: $98.08
Total Weekly Savings: $111.14 - 53%

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