Thursday, July 22, 2010

Local Children's and Women's Consignment Sales

If you're local to where I am, here are the consignment sale dates! I'm ready to make some money and exchange some clothes! Unfortunately, we schedule our yearly vacation during this time! At least I'll make it to 1/2 price days!

These are great ways to sell some of your child's clothes that they have outgrown, make some money doing it, and roll that money into new clothes for the upcoming fall and winter seasons.

Priority Nights are only for CONSIGNORS or those with a consignor GUEST PASS! If you do not have a pass, you will not get in!

If you have one to add to the list, please contact me!

Children's Clothing Exchange (will take household items as well!) -
Take In: August 28-30, Sept 3-4 (Limited Hours)
Priority Night: Sept 7, 6-9 (hours based on pass)
Public Sale: September 8-11, 9-6
1/2 Price: September 12-14

Take In: August 14, August 18-23 (limited hours)
Preview Night: August 27 5-9 (hours based on pass)
Public Sale: August 28
1/2 Price: Hours unknown at this time
75% Off: Hours unknown at this time

Take In: August 28-29, September 2-4
Preview Night: September 10, 4-9 (hours based on pass)
Public Sale: September 11, 13-14, 9-6
1/2 Price: September 15-18, 9-6

Women's Clothing Exchange (will be taking some men's items as well as household!) -
Take In: September 18-20 (Limited Hours)
Priority Sale: September 23, 6-9 (hours based on pass)
Public Sale: September 24-25, 9-6
1/2 Price: September 26-27


  1. If we could only make it to one of them, which would you recommend?

  2. My personal favorite is Children's Clothing Exchange - good quality, spacious shopping environment. Second would be My Kids Attic. It would kind of depend on what sizes you were looking for too.