Thursday, July 22, 2010

Potty Training Update

I haven't done a potty training update in a while.....because I honestly haven't been doing much with him! We went on vacation the beginning of June and I decided that it wasn't worth it to pressure him to go, and there really was so much going on. Since then, I haven't really done much, other than a little here and there.

This week, I started to try and get back on track, but I am not getting the cooperation we had when we were on a roll before. One thing that has improved is his ability to hold things longer, and also, the ability to recognize when he needs to go. It's kind of funny because I'll be busy cleaning or something, and notice him running either to my room or down the hallway to his bathroom. He kind of whines and lets out this 'mommy' a certain way which instantly lets me know that he is needing to go.

We still have our hesitancy's about doing certain things in the potty. It has actually gotten quite bad. I think it may have to do with his age and the uncertainty of things.

Since I went to Colorado, I'm trying to get everything back on track and have a planned schedule throughout the day. I'm hoping that next week, we can really start focusing on things a lot more and work that into our routine as well.

I hope you are having better success than I am!


  1. We're potty training too! I finally had to do the bare bottom approach. Two months ago it was a disaster as she peed on my couches but today was better. She went potty twice and I'm afraid she held it for a long time. It's potty training so much fun!

  2. He's been holding it for up to 4 hours! Thankfully, we've moved past the stage of peeing on things, however, he will pee in his underwear. If he comes asking for a wipe, you know there's a mess somewhere!

  3. I am there too :) and a new follower. Good luck!!

  4. Thanks for following and good luck with the potty training!