Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel - Educational Opportunity Too!

Are your kids constantly complaining that they're bored? Are they looking for something to do?

Here's a point earning and educational opportunity for you! Join the Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel. When you join this panel, you are sent a scanner. The idea is to scan all the groceries you buy from your specific stores. You also enter the prices for these items. This information is then transmitted to Nielsen on a weekly basis.

This is a great way to earn free stuff for yourself, help influence the products we all use, and teach your kids at the same time! This would be great for teaching them about budgeting, saving, etc. Also, it'd be a great way for them to help you put up the groceries! don't have to tell them your motives!

I've done this program before, but I stopped. I'd definitely be interested in picking it back up at some point.

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