Saturday, July 17, 2010

Savings Saturday

When I prepared my menu Monday, I had no intention of shopping this week. However, when I reviewed the WD and Publix ads, I realized there were several things I could stock up on. Needless to say, I went grocery shopping! I did spend a little more this week than usual, but last week, I was under budget, so it made up most of the difference.

Fresh Market:
Stocked up on chicken (antibiotic free, the best taste around) that I butterfly to spread even further, and other items I can only get there.
Spent: $47.58
Saved: $9.00 - 16%

Winn Dixie:
Spent: $19.78
Saved: $13.52 - 41%

We go through apples like crazy, so I bought 2 bags. Also, some organic and natural products that were on sale.
Spent: $73.20
Saved: $55.83 - 43%

Weekly Spending: $140.56
Weekly Savings: $78.35 - 36%

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