Saturday, May 1, 2010

Savings Saturday

I was finally able to do some drug store shopping this week (and rolling rebate money, etc), thanks to my hubby being so kind as to sit in the car with Ian last night after dinner, in the pouring rain I might add! I paid a little more OOP than I usually like to, but I haven't gone in forever, so I was a little behind and low on stockpile. I also bought a lot of diapers because I had the coupons expiring and our church food ministry needs them, plus we needed a few here even though we're potty training (diapers are still cheaper than Pull Ups!)

Publix was mostly a cereal stock up, with some other fresh produce. I thought the Contessa meals were B1G1, so I got them to have for dinner and they were regular price, but I needed something for dinner, so I kept them anyway. That would have made my total quite a bit less. Oh well.

Spent: $49.50
Saved: $40.64 - 45%

Winn Dixie: I had to run in and just got 2 boxes of Chocolate Cheerios.

Spent: $2.08
Saved: $6.85 - 77%

CVS was ok. My savings were worth the OOP I guess. I could've worked it better, but I kind of just went on a whim, so it wasn't necessarily well thought out. Hopefully I can get back into planning ahead of time, so that my OOP is low.

#1 -
Irish Spring Wash x 2, $2.99 ea, minus 2/.50 off 1 coupons
Pampers x 1, $8.49, minus $2 MQ and $3 Store Q
Oral B Toothbrushes x 2, $2.99 ea, minus B1G1 and $1 coupons
-5, 2 ECB

Spent $4.62
Saved $26.09 - 85%
Received 1, 4, 2 ECB

#2 -
Biore x 4, $6 ea, minus 2 B1G1 and a $2
Nivea x 4 (the only wash that I can use), $5.99 ea, minus B1G1 and 3/$2
-4, 1, 2, 2 ECB

Spent: $10.93
Saved: $47.95 - 81%
Received 5, 5 ECB

Rite Aid: I haven't been in a while. Having a Wellness card pays off! It took $2 off my subtotal instantly! Plus, the coupons that you get are not much, but paired with Video Values, etc, are great!

Dove x 2 @ $4.49 (weren't on sale here), minus 2/$1.50 MQ
Tugaboos x 1 @ $7.99
Reach TB x 2 @ $3 ea, minus B1G1
-$5/$20 VV coupon

Spent: $13.77
Saved: $14.98 - 52%
Get back $8 SCR (making it $5.77 OOP - basically the cost of the diapers)
Got $1/$10 Shaving and $1/$10 Household Wellness Coupons

Walgreens: I started off and rolled my RR so I could pay for diapers and not have any leftover RR to expire. Most of the expense was the 2 Huggies for $3 a pack after coupons and RR. I almost forgot fillers, but grabbed two 39 cent candy bars so I could use 2/$3 MQ and 2/$3 RR.

Spent: $12.92
Saved: $23.29 - 64%

Weekly Spending: $93.82
Weekly Savings: $159.80 - 63%

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